WooCommerce Quick Order Form

The Product Table plugin lets you create a WooCommerce quick order form. Customers can find and view your products and add to cart straight from the product table view, without having to view the individual product page. They can then check out and pay online using WooCommerce. You can also display product attributes and variations in the table.


WooCommerce order form demo

Black Skull T-ShirtBlack Skull T-Shirt, , $135.00
Clothing, Men, T-shirts135
Blue Ninja T-ShirtBlue Ninja T-Shirt, , , $235.00
Clothing, Men, T-shirts, Women235
Blue Woo HoodieBlue Woo Hoodie, , $125.00
Clothing, Hoodies, Women125
Blue Woo PosterBlue Woo Poster$60.00
Grey Ninja HoodieGrey Ninja Hoodie, , $140.00 Clothing, Hoodies, Women140
Grey Ninja T-ShirtGrey Ninja T-Shirt, , $85.00
Clothing, Men, T-shirts85
Men's HoodieMen's Hoodie, , , , $10.00$25.00 Clothing, Hoodies, Hoodies, Variable Product, Women10.00
Ninja PosterNinja Poster$250.00 Posters250
Red Ninja HoodieRed Ninja Hoodie, , $180.00 $160.00
Clothing, Hoodies, Women160
Red Ninja PosterRed Ninja Poster$180.00 Posters180
Red Woo T-ShirtRed Woo T-Shirt, , $60.00 $50.00
Clothing, Men, T-shirts50
Skull PosterSkull Poster$135.00
White Woo T-ShirtWhite Woo T-Shirt, , $150.00 Clothing, T-shirts, Women150
Woo CD #1Woo CD #1, $135.00
Music, Singles135
Woo CD #2Woo CD #2, $110.00
Albums, Music110
Woo CD #3Woo CD #3, $90.00
Music, Singles90
Woo CD #4Woo CD #4, $85.50
Music, Singles85.50
Woo CD #5Woo CD #5, $135.00
Albums, Music135
Woo CD #6Woo CD #6, $100.00 $70.00
Albums, Music70
WooThemes PosterWooThemes Poster$165.00
Black Ninja T-ShirtBlack Ninja T-Shirt, , $125.00
Clothing, T-shirts, Women125
Black Ninja HoodieBlack Ninja Hoodie, , $250.00
Clothing, Hoodies, Men250
Black Skull HoodieBlack Skull Hoodie, , $350.00
Clothing, Hoodies, Men350

Copy shortcode to create your own quick order form:

You can also read our detailed guide and video tutorial on how to create a WooCommerce order form.