WooCommerce Product Add-Ons

WooCommerce Product Table plugin supports the official WooCommerce Add-Ons plugin. You can use the two plugins together to provide extra product options such as checkboxes, radio buttons and text entry fields. (If you don’t want to buy an extra plugin for your product options, then you can use variations instead.)



Pepperoni Pizza$13.99$16.99

Crust Style *

Crust Style:

Extra Toppings

Extra Toppings:

, 13.99
Pizza Fiorentina$11.99$14.99

Tick if you’d like low fat mozzarella

, 11.99
Pizza Margherita$9.50$12.50

Special requests

Any special requests?

, 10.00

Extra Toppings

This must be a number!

This must be a number!


This table uses product variations for the pizza size, and add-ons for the other options. Copy this shortcode to use it on your own site: