WooCommerce Price List

Our bestselling Product Table plugin is the perfect WooCommerce price list plugin. You can list products in a simple price catalog or a more advanced table with extra columns and filter options. Read our tutorial about how to create a WooCommerce price list.

Blue Ninja T-Shirt$235.00235
Black Skull T-Shirt$20.0020
Men's Hoodie$10.00$25.0010.00
Blue Woo Hoodie$125.00125
Grey Ninja Hoodie$140.00140
Grey Ninja T-Shirt$85.0085
Red Ninja Hoodie$180.00 $160.00160
Red Woo T-Shirt$60.00 $50.0050
White Woo T-Shirt$150.00150
Black Ninja T-Shirt$125.00125
Black Ninja Hoodie$250.00250
Black Skull Hoodie$350.00350

Copy this shortcode to create your own WooCommerce price list: