WooCommerce Comparison Table

Product Table is the perfect WooCommerce product comparison table plugin. You can list some or all of your products in a structured grid with all the data that your customers need to compare. They can search, sort and filter the table to refine the list and make easy comparisons between the products. They can then select products and add to cart, directly from the comparison table.



Black Skull T-ShirtBlack Skull T-Shirt, , , , $135.00
Clothing, Men, T-shirts135
Blue Ninja T-ShirtBlue Ninja T-Shirt, , , , , , , $235.00
Clothing, Men, T-shirts, Women235
Grey Ninja T-ShirtGrey Ninja T-Shirt, , , , , $85.00
Clothing, Men, T-shirts85
Red Woo T-ShirtRed Woo T-Shirt, , , , $60.00 $50.00
Clothing, Men, T-shirts50
White Woo T-ShirtWhite Woo T-Shirt, , , $150.00 Clothing, T-shirts, Women150
Black Ninja T-ShirtBlack Ninja T-Shirt, , , $125.00
Clothing, T-shirts, Women125

Copy this shortcode to create your own product comparison table:

To use the filter widgets, you will also need to add the ‘WooCommerce Product Table’ filters to your sidebar via Appearance > Widgets.

Check out our tutorial on how to use it to create the perfect WooCommerce product comparison table.