Product Table with Attributes

WooCommerce Product Table plugin fully supports product attributes. You can display each type of attribute as a separate column in the product table. You can also add dropdowns above the table so that customers can filter for products with the attributes they’re looking for.



Black Ninja Hoodie, , , , $250.00Add to cart3625000
Black Ninja T-Shirt, , $125.00Add to cart3612500
Black Skull Hoodie, , , , $350.00Add to cart3635000
Black Skull T-Shirt, , , $135.00Add to cart3613500
Blue Ninja T-Shirt, , , , , $235.00Add to cart3623500
Blue Woo Hoodie, , , $125.00Add to cart3612500
Grey Ninja Hoodie, , , $140.00Read more3614000
Grey Ninja T-Shirt, , , , $85.00Add to cart368500
Pink Ninja Hoodie, , $10.00Select options361000
Red Ninja Hoodie, , , $180.00 $160.00Add to cart3616000
Red Woo T-Shirt, , , $60.00 $50.00Add to cart365000
White Woo T-Shirt, , $150.00Add to cart3615000

Create this product table with attributes using shortcode:  [product_table columns="name,att:color,att:size,categories,price,add-to-cart" filters="true"]