Product Table with Custom Fields & Taxonomies

This product grid includes various custom data to provide extra information about WooCommerce products. We have created WooCommerce custom fields and taxonomies, and listed them as columns in a product table.



NamePictureTypeShop 1Shop 2Shop 3
Coffee - Brazil£3.50£4.99£4.99
Coffee - Colombia£11.00£10.75£12.00
Coffee - Italian£12.50£12.50£12.75
Creamer - Full Fat£9.99£8.99£12.99
Creamer - Semi-Skimmed£8.50£8.75£8.50
Creamer - Skimmed£6.00£5.75£6.34

Create this WooCommerce quick order form using shortcode:  [product_table category="groceries" columns="name,image:Picture,tax:coffee_type:Type,cf:pnp:Shop 1,cf:spar:Shop 2,cf:shoprite:Shop 3" filters="tax:coffee_type"]

You can also read our detailed guide and video tutorial on how to create WooCommerce custom fields and taxonomies.